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Hybrid Strains

Moon Rock Strain

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Health benefits of marijuana

Healing marijuana has already been legalized successfully in Washington DC and 23 states of the US. Why? This is because of the strong experimental confirmation that marijuana is helpful for humans. As per many types of research, experts claim marijuana to be a remedy to a vast number of disorders or diseases.

Here are some known advantages of cannabis:

  • Muscle spasm reduction;
  • Chronic pain relief;
  • Glaucoma treatment;
  • Cancer treatment;
  • Epileptic seizures control;
  • Anxiety and stress management;
  • Arthritis discomfort relief;
  • Inflammation reduction;
  • Obesity treatment;
  • Nightmares management;
  • Tremor soothing;
  • Appetite stimulation;
  • Opioids withdrawal treatment
  • Nausea relief

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